30 Day Photo Challenge Week 2

Half way done with my 30 day photo challenge! Each day a theme, each day a picture.

So far I’m loving this daily photo exercise. On days when all I want to do is lounge around in my PJ’s, something inside me tells me to get outside and capture that last bit of afternoon light before it forever says goodbye to to the day.  And when I get off my butt out to explore the world I end up seeing (or creating) wonderful things that I would have missed otherwise.  The best part of it all is though is having a photographic reminder of everyday moments.

Check out my photos from week 2.


Day 9 – Mirror

“Nikon bird fly free!”  I have these cool set of mirror birds displayed in my living room–I decided it was time for at least one to get some fresh air.


Day 10 – Silhouette

Great form huh?  To get this shot I had the BF do a few starburst jumps after which he replied, ‘Ok that’s my cardio for the week.’


Day 11 – Beverage

This martini is just begging to be sipped.


Day 12 – Handwriting

I had so much fun running in the dark with a light stick for this shot.  People must have thought I was crazy, but it’s worth it for my name in neon lights.


Day 13 – Empty

Frames just waiting, waiting, waiting to be filled with memories.


Day 14 – From Above

I dragged my dog up 6 flight to stairs to rooftop parking lot to get a view of downtown from above. Turns out the best view was at my feet.

Can you tell Jack and I really dig the color red?


Day 15 – Bubbles

No bubble solution, no problem.


Yep, so there’s day 9 through 15.  Will I complete all 30 days? Ooh the suspense!  If you can’t wait till next week for more photos like my Face­book page for daily updates.

I try to post daily except when I stay up late having one too many whiskey ginger ales at the bar.  You know who you are. =)

30 Day Photo Challenge Week 1

Henri Cartier said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”  Shoot, if that’s the case, lets burn through these 10,000 quick so the good stuff can happen already!

Excuse me while I go sit in the corner and click my shutter a few thousand times…

No seriously, what better way to shoot more and sharpen my eye than committing to a daily photo challenge.  Everyday there is a theme, everyday I take at least one photo.  Though 365 is a bit intense, 30 seems like the approachable number next door.

Speaking of 30, This Gemini gal just turned the big 3-0. That’s right the DIRTY THIRTY!  As sad as I am to see my dancing all night twenties go, I’m to ready to be a little wiser and walk a little taller.   Hopefully in the next chapter of my life, I drink half as much vodka and wear double the sunscreen.  =)


Day 1 – Introduce yourself.

Just a simple selfie of me in natural light. No frills here. It’s just me folks.


Day 2 – First Thing.

This is the ‘first thing’ I see every morning.  Just look at that face, how could you not give him a cheerio? I swear he practices that face when I’m not around.


Day 3 – Natural light.

I’m not a a big fan of photographing flowers, but after the black and white treatment, this daisy in window light looks pretty neat to me.


Day 4 – Half.

Half my face says hello.


Day 5 – Lines.

Rode my bike over to San Jose City Hall to capture the building in some afternoon light.  I just love how all the lines curve here.


Day 6 – Ice Cream.

Jack wants some Mochi ice cream badly. Right after this shot, the little bastard ate one whole. Oops.


Day 7 – Clashing colors.

Pink vs. Green eyeshadow. Sometimes a girl can’t decide ya know?


Day 8 – Small Detail.

A small detail to be proud of.

Yep, so there’s day 1 through 8.  Stay tuned for the rest of my 30 day challenge next week.

If you can’t wait till next week for the pictures, like my Facebook page for daily updates.

50’s Housewife Self Portraits

Amazing light was pouring in through my kitchen window and I just couldn’t ignore it.  So what’s a girl to do when she wants to take pictures but no one’s around? How about some self portrait indulgence?

I decided to go a bit retro, well a lot retro actually.  Years ago I found this polka dot number at a San Diego Salvation Army (for a whopping 5 bucks!) and I knew it would be perfect for the overworked, but happy, 50’s housewife vibe I was going for.  Add a tripod and a remote trigger and we’re good to go.

I just adore everything Pin Up – The perfectly coiffed hair, the cat eyes, and of course the oozing femininity of it all.  Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and spend my days looking fabulous while cooking dinner with a pound of lard.

But then again, I remember how damn comfortable my sweatpants are.  Oh well, it’s fun to play dress up for just a day.

Hope you enjoy my selfies =)

Music tip.  If you too want to get into a Pin Up inspired mood, check out this mix: Soundtrack for a Modern Pin Up Girl. Go ahead and get your baking a pie va va voom on. Whatever you do, don’t forget the red lipstick.







iPhoneography: Puppy Edition

Meet Jack. My handsome black and white tuxedo wearing French Bulldog pup.

Since February this guy has turned my world upside down. Whoever said having a puppy was like having a baby was right–furry babies with razor sharp teeth that is.

I’m not gonna lie, I experienced some post partum puppy syndrome with the lifestyle change. Right after the initial ‘omg you’re so cute you can eat my finger and I wouldn’t get mad at you’ phase is the ‘will I have to spend the rest of my life cleaning up poop?’ phase. Forget about sleeping through the night or a social life for a while. Oh and there’s no frustration like finding a stinky brownie surprise to wake you in the morning.

But for all the trouble, one look at those dopey little eyes and I can’t stay mad at him for long.

Truth is, he’s a funny little guy with a lot of personality. He thinks pigeons are bowling pins. He goes gaga over Cheerios. He wrestles with pitbulls like he’s 60 lbs heavier. He turns into a total ham for pretty girls walking down the street. Having him around makes my day brighter. Nothing like coming home to a dog who not only wags his tail but shakes his whole backend when you arrive.

I’ve only known him for a few months, but this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Enjoy some shots of Jack.



Self Portrait with a Thrift Store Lens.

It’s mentally impossible for me to pay full price on anything. I grew up so poor that I have a mini panic when I see a full retail price tag. “90 dollars for a sweater? Come on. I could have knitted that in my sleep!”

That said, naturally I adore thrift stores.  This frugal fashionista can spend hours looking for treasures.  How else could I have met my favorite red vintage purse with tassels?

But thrift stores are not just for clothes and used furniture. On a recent trip I scored a Nikon 28mm 2.8 E series lens for 20 bucks,  1/5 of the ebay price.  Oh, if only you could see the happy dance I did!

Here are some test self portrait shots with the lens in front of window light.  Post processed in Lightroom. It’s a lot of work having to manually meter and focus, but I like the way these images came out.

So yeah, definitely scope out your local thrift shop for camera deals.  You never know what you’ll find.  If no luck, at least you can pick yourself up an ugly Christmas sweater.

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