Baby Quinn Turns One

Amanda is one of the coolest people I know, and I am lucky to call her my ‘Lil Sis.’ I’ve known this girl since she was a starry eyed college freshmen with a contagious smile.  She still has that same great smile, but now she is a kick ass mom with a sweet family of her own.  How we’ve all grown up! It was a pleasure to spend a Sunday afternnoon with them and photograph baby Quinn, one of the most photogenic babies ever. Little miss could seriously be a baby model!

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Locquiao Family

How cute is this tiny fire engine?  I wish I could take credit for this prop but it was all Michelle and Orly’s doing.  Such a great idea because little Nixon and baby Ezra looked adorable giving each other hugs while fighting fires.  Plus the vintage design was perfect for the vintage atmosphere of the farm.

If you haven’t been to Ardenwood farms it’s like talking a walk back in time to simpler times.  Right in the middle of a developed suburb is a fully operational farm with agricultural artifacts of yesterday.  So much to explore! We had fun roaming the scenic gardens, scoping out tractors, doing pretend laundry outdoors, and hanging out on wagons.  It was simple good times with a simply fun family.

I adored working with these kiddos. It was fun watching handsome Nixon unleash his crazy happy toddler energy.  And little Ezra was just adorable in her bow and fuzzy hair. Baby girl made us work alright, but when she finally flashed a smile with her two little bottom teeth, it was like the sun finally came out on that cloudy day.

Thank you Locquiao family for letting me capture these lovely moments.  You guys are a beautiful family and I wish you all the best!

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Kassebaum-Beggan Family

Major. pillow. cheeks.

All I wanted to do as soon I saw baby Etta was squish her her little face. I completely swooned and I couldn’t help it.  From her dreamy blue eyes to her oh so soft wispy hair, she is such a beautiful little creature from head to toe.

But don’t let her gorgeous looks fool you, she is first and foremost a little comedian.  She let me know this with her silly smiles, funny wiggles, and strategically time burps. She’s only 6 months old, but she is destined to be a goofball just like her goofball parents.

Kyle and Hannah were such easy going parents to hang out with. I loved their total commitment to making baby laugh.  From my short time hanging out with them it was easy to see that their home life must be filled with nonstop crazy happy moments.

Aren’t silly people the best people?  Thank you Kassebaum-Beggan Family for letting capture these lovely moments for you.

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Atanque Family

Can’t believe I’ve known this guy for over 20 years!  He’s one of my elementary school buds and actually one of my very first photo shoot victims from the early 2000s.  Somewhere in my attic are black and white prints of this guy from when I was a total noob at photography.  I think the photo shoot went something like this: “Hey Hannibal can you climb into this tree and do a Calvin Klein pose.” Seriously I had no idea what I was doing back then–in photography and life (but I digress.)

Well fast forward to 2016 and things are coming full circle as I get a chance to photograph Hannibal once again.  This time he brought his beautiful wife Lily and their super sweet preschooler Clara. We had a blast roaming Ardenwood farms and making friend with the goats and sheep.  No CK posing this time. Just genuine smiles, hugs, and laughter as the Atanque family showed me how connected they are. I adored photographing their little family and seeing all the love.

Thanks Atanque Family for the fun Sunday at the farm.  Check out the photos below!


Hendricks Family Welcomes Baby Klay

Guys it’s been such a loooooong while since I’ve done a photoshoot.  Chasing around my beautiful crazy toddler leaves little desire for anything but wine and naps.  But theres no better way to snap out of this funk than to photograph a crazy beautiful family.

Meet the Hendricks family: Mike, Krystle, Khloe, Keith and 2 week old baby Klay.  Hanging out with this family of 3 kids gave me fond memories of childhood as one of 3 sibling.  There was never a dull day growing up for me and I can imagine that there’s never a dull day in the Hendricks household.  From chatting with 4 year old Khloe about her Barbie collection, watching Mike and Keith play fight, and watching the tender moments between Krystle and baby Klay, it was easy to see that this family is full of joy and life.

Congratulations on beautiful Klay and best of luck as a clan of 5! Thanks for welcoming me in your home and letting me capture these sweet moments. And thanks for the cheesy nacho (nacho not nachos because I only took one but wish I took more! )


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