Baby Raine

With a Sheriff Officer for a dad and a Paramedic for a mom, Baby Raine is one safe baby. No bad guys or bruises are going to be too much for this little one. Perhaps this is why she was one relaxed baby during our photoshoot. She didn’t mind being posed and moved as long as she was cozy in mama and daddy’s arms.

Thank you Angela and John for welcoming me into your home to capture these lovely memories for you. I absolutely loved meeting your family and photographing Baby Raine on a rainy day.


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Baby Irelyn

Little Irelyn is lucky to grow up with these three amazing people in her life. Carrie is a first time mama, but it’s easy to see that motherhood is a role she was meant to play.  The connection between mother and daughter was serene and beautiful to photograph. Dad Ryan melted my heart the way that he looked at baby Irelyn, as if he was treasuring every moment of her fleeting tinyness. Time flies and he knows this. And big brother Bray was just too cute.  He insisted on a badass nerf gun shot–the perfect symbol of the protective role he’s going to play in the future. Welcome to the world little Irelyn.  You are in good hands!


Baby Dresden

Just look at this deliciousness that is baby Dresden. He is 2 months old and is just as cuddly as he looks.  My goodness gracious that is a face you just want to kiss all day.

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Hello Baby Andre

Dear Baby Andre,

Welcome to the world little man.  Right now all these bright sights and loud sounds are mighty overwhelming–nothing at all like the cozy womb you just left.  But trust me you’re gonna like it here.  How do I know? Well you’ve got some pretty awesome parents to help you along the way. They’ve travelled the world as a pair, now it’s time to do it as a trio. Get ready for a lifetime of gloriously good times and exciting destinations. Adventure is your calling Andre.




Hendricks Family Welcomes Baby Klay

Guys it’s been such a loooooong while since I’ve done a photoshoot.  Chasing around my beautiful crazy toddler leaves little desire for anything but wine and naps.  But theres no better way to snap out of this funk than to photograph a crazy beautiful family.

Meet the Hendricks family: Mike, Krystle, Khloe, Keith and 2 week old baby Klay.  Hanging out with this family of 3 kids gave me fond memories of childhood as one of 3 sibling.  There was never a dull day growing up for me and I can imagine that there’s never a dull day in the Hendricks household.  From chatting with 4 year old Khloe about her Barbie collection, watching Mike and Keith play fight, and watching the tender moments between Krystle and baby Klay, it was easy to see that this family is full of joy and life.

Congratulations on beautiful Klay and best of luck as a clan of 5! Thanks for welcoming me in your home and letting me capture these sweet moments. And thanks for the cheesy nacho (nacho not nachos because I only took one but wish I took more! )


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